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I had been looking for a good trail horse to replace my aging one, and I found one here. I have not been disappointed in any of the three horses i got. I get asked all the time if they are for sale and the answer is always “NO!” Equine Barn does a wonderful job with these horses and they tell you just as it is. Pros and cons. They are honest and really try to fit the horse to the rider. Thank you for my 3 great rides!

Completely satisfied with the services, attention to detail and courtesy of Equine Barn. Their on line descriptions of the skill levels, size, behavior, demeanor, up to and including whether the horses were soft-mouthed and likely to be good with kids were 100% accurate. We trust Equine Barn enough that they ensure our horse was shipped with no hassle and arrived healthy and strong.  Fantastic find for us

Dreams”. Equine Barn was so dedicated making sure that CoraVette was properly trained for our riding style, making sure she passed all of the training stages, and most of all “released her to us when she was ready and safe to ride”. We have nothing but enjoyable rides with her and can even lead our daughter on her who is “Autistic”. They even gave us a private lesson going through all of the training exercises that CoraVette was taught. Super grateful!!! CoraVette puts a smile on our faces every day and has made a world of difference to our family! We will always contact you for any of our future horse training and purchase needs!

Equine Barn is known for their well trained horses and for making it a priority to fit the right horse to the right person. The beauty of the equines offered cannot be matched, anywhere. I love my beautiful palomino, purchased from equinebarn, and I tell everyone, looking for a new best friend, to check out their website.

They are the best. She knows her horses and they are honest. They do their best to match horse and rider and I like their training. The fact that their horses are pretty is just icing on the cake. I would buy another one from them with no hesitation

Equine Barn did a great job working with my mare. They had a solid foundation, built without fear, and remembered what they learned for all the time I had her. I was also very happy working with them in selling my mare. They do a great job of matching the right horse with the right buyer, not just trying to “sell” a horse. I would work with them again anytime! And in fact, plan to do so in a few years when the kids are off to college and I am ready for another horse!

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