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Cheapest Horse Breeds

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Cheapest Horse Breeds It is no secret that buying a horse can be expensive! Horse prices vary greatly and can reach $10,000 or more. Many of us may not have this kind of money to spend, but thankfully there are several horse breeds that are often on the cheaper side! The cheapest horse breeds tend […]

The History of the American Quarter Horse Breed

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The History of the American Quarter Horse Breed   The following is an excerpt from They Rode Good Horses: The First Fifty Years of the American Quarter Horse Association by Don Hedgpeth.   Greek mythology records the epic exploits of a wonderful winged horse named Pegasus. The stories of early Texas cow country speak of another legendary […]

3 Ways To Cater For The Needs Of Your Horse

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If you live on a farm or you have a lot of property and plan to keep horses; it is vital that you make use of the natural resources available to you. There are lots of ways in which people with land can save a fortune when it comes to keeping their horse happy and healthy. […]

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